Technical background & Resources

This page will provide access to the various resources such as publications, posters and flyers. You can also find information about the background for the development of ToxTracker.


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Here you can find an overview of our publications relating to ToxTracker and publications by others on ToxTracker


We have produced several video's which show how the assay is performed and why ToxTracker has been developed.


Here you can find posters we and ToxTracker users have published during various toxicology conferences.


Please feel free to access the flyers we have prepared on ToxTracker and its extensions.

Use cases

ToxTracker has been applied in various settings, including for regulatory purposes. Here you can find use cases .

Technical background & rationale for development

Interaction of newly developed materials, chemicals and drugs with biomolecules may disrupt cellular homeostasis and can ultimately lead to severe tissue damage or induction of cancer. Inflicted cellular damage is recognized by specialized sensor proteins that trigger a complex network of cellular signaling pathways resulting in activation or inactivation of specific enzymes and altered expression of distinct gene networks. Therefore, visualisation of damage specific cellular stress response pathways that are activated upon exposure to chemicals or xenobiotics provides insight into the type and extent of cellular damage that has been induced and thus the biological (re)activity of compounds. ToxTracker is based on visualising specific damage response pathways.